Anddddddddddddd I’m Back

After about 5 months of stale static air, I’ve collected myself and been fully inspired by the usual Meals and Moves and newly found fellow figure competitor, Steph and her line drops on Stephanie Proof.

It’s laws and regulations in Business class today. The role of Government in business, snooooooooozefest!

I guess you guys all need some filling in, I’ll be starting from the gr0und up and hopefully everyone gets up to speed with me and my crazy life!

Well, I’m less than 2 weeks away from my first Figure show of 2011, and I have been off my bike for a while… My brain was a collection of mashed potatoes and carbonated water bubbling, flatlining and whatever else. So since my life is going to be full of excitement, I figure I’ll set out my goals for this blog crazyness.

  1.  Don’t die… Seriously. I almost ate it, im not on my bike and im up up up
  2. Post everyday about something cool.
  3. Do a blog list challenge.
  4. Take pictures of my food, life and workouts
  5. make an effort to post 3-4 times per week