So I'm in accounting waiting to start my canada day weekend, so far my day has been awesome because it started with cookie dough pancakes, and cookie dough brownies with shredded apple. NOMNOM. I can't even believe its already July tomorrow! And so here is my long weekend, although I'm staying home, you can bet... Continue Reading →

Week-start! Forget the week-end!

So its Monday! I'm up and at'em and clocked myself 4 hours of work already! 4 hours for Municipal Solutions ..and 1 additional hour for the YMCA. I've been enjoying my morning meal everyday so far with a Chocolate Protein Raspberry Smoothie. I top it with 1/4 cup Ezekiel Cereal and a tbsp of PB2. For... Continue Reading →

So i’m qualified for Nationals…

Yeah, check it! I qualified 🙂 ! Unbelievable!! Here's the top 5 lineup... and my flirty on stage ways ... totally counter opposite of my normal self.. So although I'd love to tell you im in prep for nationals 2011, i decided im going to take a much needed year to pack on some beef... Continue Reading →

What I WOULD eat Wednesday

Well, Janetha over at meals and moves gave me this awesome idea to write about what I WOULD eat, instead of what I should... Because I know what I should be eating, and I eat it every day! What I would eat before my competition/healthy lifestyle began: #10 - Tortellini stuffed with beef and smothered... Continue Reading →

I owe you one…

I owe you some 411 on my challenge... I figure I'll enlighten you with this next one, since I just came back from the show covered in oompa loompa colouring. Day 11 – What’s in your makeup bag? clearly you can see James is wearing a beard... but the most stand out thing here I'd... Continue Reading →

External and Internal Motivators.

So today I'm looking for some inspiration, and for some reason this is what i've turned to... Popeye. And he reminds me of this guy I ride with from time to time, Will Fisher. Yeah he basically has forearms the same size as popeye. What a genetic trait... lol! I guess motivation is motivation, and... Continue Reading →

second the BEST

So this past weekend i competed at the Sudbury Ontario Championships! I got all tanned up in my shoes and suit and got ready to hit the stage on Saturday morning! And guess what?!? I came second!!! So here I am working my way for the last 2 days of training for the Toronto Pro... Continue Reading →


So today we've reached the "shave body ya damn samsquanch" day. I'd like to start by saying its extremely strange, You would never think theres hair on your elbow, but indeed... It's there. Recumbent bike, 30 minutes. Check. Aside from that, I woke up to the most amazing experience of my life... My morning carb!... Continue Reading →


Well lucky for me my mood has slightly changed and im less insanely outraged by being low-carbed and blah. Im less outraged, and more blunt. Euphemism? Whats that? Oh your goldfish is unwell, no it didn't its probably about to shit the bed! Oh you want to talk to me while im working out "... Continue Reading →

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