So I’m in accounting waiting to start my canada day weekend, so far my day has been awesome because it started with cookie dough pancakes, and cookie dough brownies with shredded apple. NOMNOM.

I can’t even believe its already July tomorrow! And so here is my long weekend, although I’m staying home, you can bet It will be insane!

So far this week has been awesome. James has been coming to the gym with me daily, I’ve been getting some new lines in my legs for my photoshoot, and I have some cash money in the bank FINALLY!

Marley says hello for now, and we will talk to you soon.. First we need to paint him red and white!

Week-start! Forget the week-end!

So its Monday! I’m up and at’em and clocked myself 4 hours of work already! 4 hours for Municipal Solutions ..and 1 additional hour for the YMCA.

I’ve been enjoying my morning meal everyday so far with a Chocolate Protein Raspberry Smoothie. I top it with 1/4 cup Ezekiel Cereal and a tbsp of PB2.

For those of y ou who havent heard of PB2, i’ll have to enlighten you tonight.

I also have been eating my Popeye’s Pancakes very frequently. They are really good to have on the go… I am always going!

Today I got Nancy on a quick leg conditioning circuit before I got here to the school to continue operation textbook. Here’s what it looked like :

Exercises Sets
 250 Stairs Superset with 30 crunches 4 sets
30 Bridges Superset with 15/leg kickbacks 3 sets
50 Plank ins and outs 4 sets
2 studio length sumo squats 1 set

HTML Tables

So here we are.

Last week was awesome. I got to catch up on my steak eating and had 3 oz each day. I also devoured 2 full Tbone steaks on Saturday afternoon at my Nan’s house. Heck yeah 2 inches thick! Who said figure girls only eat tilapia and asparagus?!


Well, we do eat a lot of Tilapia … I do! Because this is how it looks:

This is blackened tilapia with guacamole over quinoa and spinach.

You can make this in no time! it took me about 10 minutes to prep it all but in total. I got this pic from Tuesday Tomorrow. Mine was just on a red plate instead of green. I made 1 serving for myself. I like it all fresh and good to go.. Except Quinoa, I like having it cooked and on hand.

Here’s how I made it:

1 cup uncooked, dry quinoa
1.5 cups cold water

Presoak your quinoa, and drain it in a mesh strainer before cooking. Add your quinoa to your pot and bring to a boil. Cook covered for 15 minutes. Keep the pot covered and remove from heat for an additional 5 minutes and then fluff with a fork. Add salt or pepper to taste.

Guacamole, 2 servings:
1 avocado
2 tsp lime juice
chopped cilantro to taste
1 tsp each cumin, chilli powder and crushed red pepper flakes
chopped tomato optional
salt and pepper to taste

Mix’er all up and voila!

1-2 fillets per serving, thawed.
coat in paprika, crushed red pepper, cumin, chilli powder, onion powder and garlic powder. About 1/4 tsp of each.

Drop into a HOT PAN – **Pan must be past medium (on about lvl 7) and HOT! If its cold, the fish won’t “fry” and will simply fall apart in the pan – no good! Fry for about 4-6 minutes per side!

Guacamole is probably the best thing in the world. Not to mention on top of fish. If you have any objections, please speak now. Because I will eat it for you.

Anyways enough of my threats. This weekend we did a lot of fun stuff. You saw my Saturday at Nan and Uncle Tim’s place, and Sunday was awesome as well. I woke up and went to the gym with Frank. For those of you wondering who he is, its my sister Katie. She likes to call herself Frank for reasons we choose not to ask because it sticks. She did pretty good, she made it all the way through LEGDAY with ME! I guess we have a Frank the Tank in the house!

I ended up doing a bunch more work for MS, my dad’s company for which I am the Research Analyst. I love it! It’s my nerd brain at its best and suits me perfectly. I also contributed my supervisory skills to the boys while they did some work on Rob’s car and James’ truck. They did a mighty fine job I’d say. Because they were so good, I baked them oatmeal PB chocolate chip cookies. Im a very nice girlfriend/friend. Kyleen, the biggest baby youngest smartest of the krew ate as many as he could before he was full. Then he decided he wanted Tim Hortons and his belly made a bit more room for some chocolate chips. I had my first timmy’s coffee in almost 2 months, and I brought my Almond milk in the truck to spice it up since im living a milk-free life! I came across a Mega Score at Superstore… These puppies were on sale!

Anyways ta-ta for now! Lesson time!

So i’m qualified for Nationals…

Yeah, check it! I qualified 🙂 ! Unbelievable!! Here’s the top 5 lineup…

and my flirty on stage ways … totally counter opposite of my normal self..

So although I’d love to tell you im in prep for nationals 2011, i decided im going to take a much needed year to pack on some beef to this body, specifically geared towards my arms and shoulders.. they seem to need some TLC.

I came 5th out of 17 girls, and I truly believe it was much deserved. Although I would have loved to have been number 1, I see what i need to do, and also know what kind of conditioning and overall look is required to get up on stage in front of all of Canada and place top 3. I mean the girl who won this year was HUGE, like her delts, they were HUGE!

Anyways it was another insane week of lots of chicken, lots of steak, lots of everything. This week its a little more casual but strict nontheless. Lowdown on the meal hoedown:

Protein Pancakes: Featuring banana and blueberries

Ezekiel Cereal: with Chocolate Mocha whey as my milk

Midmorning snack: Vanilla bean protein with blueberries, delicious!

Steak and ASPARAGUS: lunch date

And finally for dinner… the almighty chicken, oats/quinoa and salad!

not bad for offseason I’d say. I’m slowly manipulating little things back into my diet… but slowly because rebound is not on my to do list. I’m sitting at a nice weight where I left off last week and im working on maintenance. I have a fuller look but my weight on the scale can stay right where it is. And if it moves, it will be measurable in fat or muscle based on if im eating clean or if im being a slacker.

James even has his agenda set to “work out after work to look extremely handsome” and then we reward eachothers awesome work with delicious meals and kisses. As well as being able to enjoy eachothers company without myself being a write-off to la-la land. Horray for us!

What I WOULD eat Wednesday

Well, Janetha over at meals and moves gave me this awesome idea to write about what I WOULD eat, instead of what I should… Because I know what I should be eating, and I eat it every day!

What I would eat before my competition/healthy lifestyle began:

#10 – Tortellini stuffed with beef and smothered in 8 oz marble cheese and tomato basil sauce

I used to come home from school everyday around 330, after I stopped going to my Nans place after school for dinner when I was old enough to look after myself and cook, it was pasta night, everynight. My mom would normally get home around 530 and have dinner made and ready between 630 and 7. I always ate this meal too, and now that I’m older, I look back to when my parents used to frown upon this, as a reason behind me being ” stalky” compared to everyone else my age… Now I know it made me a power house in my sports, and I was indeed fully in the right for eating more frequently.

#9 Chicken and Feta wraps

My mom packed my lunch for me up until grade 12, when I started competing and started being a food brat health finatic. She gave me an apple, a nature valley peanut butter OR trailmix bar, a bottle of water and one of these puppies here. With onion, lettuce, tomato, feta and chicken! Everyone wanted a bite… could you guess what I was like? Like I was in a prison(highschool) and everyone could F right O.

#8 Chicken Wings – Medium/Hot. Preferrably Dirty Nelly from Wild Wings.

Well, when I lived in Newcastle Wild WIng was brought into town. I became a regular very quickly.














The same thing every day? Does it get boring… Can I handle it? Its pretty lame! But I do indeed love what I do, and I enjoy the way my sodium free, sauce free – food tastes. I wanted to show you a picture of me at the end of January. This was where my prep started, I was terrified to post the pictures because I am a perfectionist when it comes to my body, and exposing the “incomplete product” would completely destroy my self esteem. I have terrible post-competition depression I struggle with, and so maintaining my diet year round is vital for me! Now that I’m where I want to be, I’ll show you where I started.. I guess reverse from progress… Before and after we’ll say.

I spent my offseason eating clean, very clean. I had a cheat meal every 2-3 weeks. I was so good, but when my injuries came about, my cardio stopped.. and without cardio, on came the weight. It was almost a blessing, although I did look like a whale – I gained some much needed mass in my upper body so I could bring a proportionate, winning package to the stage this year. I ended up looking pretty damn fine i’d say – what do you think?

note – im the middle

Hopefully this doesnt trick your mind into wanting to binge, but help you in seeing how far you’ve come, what changes you’ve made for yourself, and make you realize where you’d be if you still ate this stuff all the time!


Keep on living! Do you and you’ll get some fineee results, promise!

I owe you one…

I owe you some 411 on my challenge… I figure I’ll enlighten you with this next one, since I just came back from the show covered in oompa loompa colouring.

Day 11 – What’s in your makeup bag?

clearly you can see James is wearing a beard… but the most stand out thing here I’d say is the oddly bronzed colour of my skin. First off, I’ve got my MAC foundation. Totally meant for orange people. Only orange people.

I’ve got all this crazy eyeshadow, lipgloss,multiple colours of eyeliner, you name it. It’s in here. So is my bling. I dont have a jewelery box yet  but when I get one, all of it will be in here. So here’s a shot of my Blizzzinggg to the blang.

External and Internal Motivators.

So today I’m looking for some inspiration, and for some reason this is what i’ve turned to… Popeye.

And he reminds me of this guy I ride with from time to time, Will Fisher. Yeah he basically has forearms the same size as popeye. What a genetic trait… lol! I guess motivation is motivation, and it doesnt really need to make sense, just motivate.

Today I decided I was going to make some stylish protein pancakes that went with my motivation : Popeye Protein Pancakes. Yep, they were full of spinach and yep, they were fully green 🙂 ! Check’er out!

So now we’re 4 days away from the Ontarios, here goes nothing and everything! 1 more day of training after today… that didn’t take long at all! I got my bounce in my step back and BOOM, its rest time again. Bring on next week – Im ready to squat 2 of myself when I’m done this! I’ll probably be on an adrenaline high all week! Man oh man!

And I leave you with this awesome picture of me and the Big Nickel… Dummm dumdum dummmmm

second the BEST

So this past weekend i competed at the Sudbury Ontario Championships!

I got all tanned up in my shoes and suit and got ready to hit the stage on Saturday morning!

And guess what?!? I came second!!!

So here I am working my way for the last 2 days of training for the Toronto Pro Supershow, in the OPA Ontario Championships!

So last week was pretty intense. I got all my prep food cooked, chicken and steak… waddup!!!

My mom also creeped me quite a bit and snapped some insane pictures of my abs… Wowzers! Check’er out!

loving my white ass belly!

Anyways after Sudbury was over we hit the Keg. This is probably my favourite restaurant in the entire world.

 Heather got me a giftcard for the Keg, THANK YOU HEATHER!  – On a side note, on day 10 of my challenge, my favourite place to eat is the Keg. So here you go!

So what to order for my “clean cheat”?

James had a Prime Rib Burger and I had the sirloin dinner. OOHHH YEAAAAA !

It was by far the best night i’ve had in a long while. James and I got to spend the night together without any distractions, without me having to get up to cook egg whites, without any of our friends showing up to ride (i  love you all, i swear!). It was peaceful, and comfy and full of hotel pillows and jantana! haha!