Tooty Fruity… Poopy Doodey

well as you can guess by the way the title sounds… Obviously we’re not talking about Tootsie Rolls here..

This week was supposed to be my depletion week… Well sure has been, I’ve had some form of heat stroke all week! Makes me feel like im in the NFL… The offensive line of the Browns and we’re going in for #1 at the superbowl.

Sorry if you painted a really disturbing picture, but seriously. Its brutal.

Anyways its friday, its finally here! im following the same protocol as my depletion for my show. Its going quite well aside from the lack of anything ive been able to do since Tuesday night’s class.

Above all though, I wanted to stay healthy, and I ended up having some g2 and jello to get my electrolytes back up. Seems its made things better than they initally stood on Wednesday, but nonetheless, still suckin the life outa me. It didnt help that I recently stepped down from some shifts at the Y, but I couldnt take it anymore. I think my sickness was brought upon by heat, stress, and way too much at once. Mentally, my brain was fried. Thank god for therapy.

Tomorrow at 1pm im going to strutt my stuff whether its hot or not, its time to play ball! Im not disclosing my wardrobe because im leaving it all as a big surprise for everyone ūüôā After our shoot, we’re headed to the Heavy TO afterparty downtown at the Sound Academy.¬† Theres a mystery band that I cant wait to see/find out who it is.

It seems im going to be very busy this weekend – and week! I’ve decided to take on the cookie baking for my moms placeholders at the wedding, we’re going to put names on the cookies and have them set out to each persons appetizer plate. My cousin’s done this before and it t urned out very well, so im going to bake some chocolate chip (because i dont want to kill any one with peanut butter) and i guess that makes for 61 or some odd cookies to come! Wowzers! I’ve also decided to make all of the rehearsal dinner food… so we’re going to have some nice treats to display… Going to make my favourite, chicken souvlaki and tzitziki!!!!!! and accompanied with brocolli salad, oh my god, these are justa few things on the list. NOMNOM! Although that wont be till later in the week. We’re making our favours this weekend!

If im getting this excited for my mom, i cant see myself being able to keep my composure for my own wedding. LOL! They’re soooo cute!

Pedal to the… Asphault?

So this past week, after taking what seemed to be forever off my bike, I hit up our local park, Donevan with my friends Kyleen and Rob. Although I love riding, it’s certainly more physically demanding than I played it off to be from the start, and I now see how I let myself coast down slacker lane in regard to my cardio up-keep. *note, adrenaline rushing from large air tricks over box jumps do NOT count as cardio to any figure athlete, they simply just¬†make you more ballsy*

Anyways, Rob built up a new bike, he trued his wheels in record time…. About an hour for both of them… Perfect! Quite Perfect!

And then the riding began… And this guy Rob? I’d be watching your youtube mini-feed. He might just be on the most watched list soon !

So Friday came around, Kyleen, Rob, Mitch and of course the one and only James had some drinks at our place and watched some really cool footage of the BlackPony street jam that took place the previous weekend.. Check it out HERE

Apparently fun stuff was going on downtown, and¬†supporting the¬†cause¬†we hit up Black Pony… our local shop for my first time since be fore the show. Well, I decided to just screw¬† around immediately, and ended up with a handlebar in my ass on the ground. Well done I’d say. Hat’s off.

We started this thing, “big kid friday” and it was supposed to be our friday night street ride after/during some solid beer drinking.. for the boys anyways. Well, it was nice to see everyone… but the late night ride is less prevalent compared to the drinking that goes on now.. so we dipped and went home.

Saturday came around and it was one of those “dont touch me im in so much pain” days, so James and I hit the day spa on a last minute massage adventure. God did that ever feel great! Not only did we get massages, but James’ mom barbequed for us over at her place to celebrate James, Pete(little brother) and Bruce(stepdad)’s b irthday’s! Of course, for 90% of the time I fell asleep because my head was still at the spa. Totally want to invest in a large supply of bodypillows for couch naps. Best 3 hours of my life!

Sunday was kind of too hot to do much of anything, but James and i took our adventureland to Port Hope and wound up in some really cool trails and plowed up and down big up hills. we even pulled out a jeep ! who got stuck on a cliff like drop. Not bad I’d say. ūüôā

anyways, we finally made it to nans house after we had an impulsive 4×4.. oh my god it was so fun.. but so scary. we went down about 180 degrees!!! YIKES!


Okay, so in a nutshell I wanted to brief you over my ongoings because there is so much going on – last week was “le frantic”

Lets start with the long weekend…

So Friday we hit Rob’s place up. We did breakfast the real canadian way, and we made bacon. And i didnt eat it, and it was spectacular. We made a bacon WEAVE. just like epic meal time, because they’re canadian too. It was¬†time to show patriotism.

It was Canada Day and we wanted to see what was going on at the Oshawa Lake Front. We decided fireworks werent our thing at the lake and went back to robs to have a campfire and play xbox in front of it. So until we got eaten alive, James and I both got our asses handed to us at NHL ’11. Then I did the shoot out against Rob… and turns out im not bad at shooting, sorry Rob.. I win!!!

Saturday James and I decided we would be spending the whole day together .. We started the day running around trying to find stuff for the truck to fix the breaks and lights.

James’ baby needs some TLC! Turns out everytime we fix something, it runs for the day and then it needs something else.. i think its a guy thing, or an old age thing (2003 dodge ram, lol)

so when we found out nobody could be of help to us that hot ass day, we went to the driving range. You see, neither of us would have the 3-4 hours of patience in us to putt. Ive established many times its just too boring for me, so I end up acting like an idiot whenever we go mini putting… and henceforth, Happy Gilmour swings and drives were the best invention yet!!! We ended up being really good at the driving aspect of golf and even went back for another big bucket! Who knew?!!

LONG driver. hahahah

After we worked up quite the appetite (yeah, golf is soo hard) James took me out to Lonestar for dinner… Oh yeah you know exactly whats up now!

I had the big rig, so did james. We shouldnt have eaten so quickly because both of us felt like our stomachs expanded 8x just to fit the damn thing in there. It didnt help our appetizers werent spread out… people must have thought we starved for weeks, meanwhile we had something to eat 2 hours prior ūüėõ

Anyways it was amazing, the burrito was the size of a football basically. The chips were fresh, and the green ice cream? well james didnt want any so i got all his guac. Heck yeah !

After having the most insane of dinners, James and I ran over to the AMC to watch Transformers 3. We skipped the 3D glasses cuz high def is fine for me, i dont need to pop bloodvessels in my eyes or lose my sense of reality. I am not a robot! I love robots though! Holy crap – i am not spoiling anything – because you ALL NEED TO go to see this movie. its insane. its truly magically insane. I even polished off a LG size popcorn. No big deal.

After the movie James and I went for a romantic little drive off to some quiet place and it was awesome, we got to watch a wicked amount of lightning crashing all around whitby. I loved it, it was better than looking up at stars, we were looking up at the sky crackling down!

After realizing everything else was closed around town other than dimitri’s, James gave in and let me take him to ice cream for my treat to him. James had the banana split, while I enjoyed cheesecake with tiramisu mocha ice cream. “OMG” is all.¬†This is the nice picture provided by online…¬†¬†

And this is the raw uncut phone pictures of the best tasting treat ever…

so after we spent the night together on our romantic little outing, James and I spent sunday out in the back yard with the fam. Bocche ball was awesome, and we made day 2 of birthday haunukka for james happen and I got him a new CD with a big huge bag of cherries, which he loves.

Monday was James’ birthday. Not only did I have to work, I had to work twice, and go to school throughout the whole day. To top it off, I proclaimed to the source that I thought they were nice but I didnt really like them. Basically ” thanks but no thanks’ in a not so subtle way. Well yeah, people dont like the ugly truth and i learned also, that if you can tolerate and learn to understand and just be nice and pleasant then the whole world is happy. I unfortunately made one person hate my life, even though I didnt mean anything in a malevolant way. Woopsy. But we’re positive here now, so guess what? I came home after we stopped off at James’ moms for his bday card and my mom had an ICECREAM cake for him. Nope I didnt eat it. It looked like, caramel chocolate maple walnut or something. It was from marble slab too, my fav. But its not allowed to endulge more than once a week!! Good girl J-9.

My mom put the best candle into the cake, id like to think it made the celebration a ¬†” big ” one

Marley helped him blow out his candles too. Hes a helpful dog that one. Its unfortunate he wont get a piece either. Hes trying to watch his figure.

But look how happy that boy is ! hes like a kid in a candy store! wait no. hes a 24year old cutting into a really good ice cream cake.

Yeaaaahhh jam, cut it up, get that butter knife right in there you strong man!


Anyways thats my long weekend recap… next? oh the return of BMX land. Woohoo!


So I have to admit, over the past few weeks I’ve had nothing good to say… I mean literally nothing good to say! I’ve been complaining almost way too much and never once acknowledging anything that is good happening in my life.

Where I am proud of my accomplishments that have been brought upon me over the course of the last few months, I am also a little bit annoyed with how much I repeat that story to people. Particularly the ones who have already asked (twice) and i’ve already told time and time again. Well, this week James had a little bit of¬† a talk to me and told me to start appreciating what I have going for me, because with all the bad there IS a lot of good, and the more of a pessimist I am, the more I’ll dismiss those little important things that really make the world go round. Apparently all this time trying to avoid conversation, I have developed this irrationale way of avoiding people and anticipating the entire conversation… Where normally it plays out the exact same way I picture it happening, and I can almost guaruntee how it will happen, all I can do is just smile and carry on.

In response to my¬†boyfriends wisdom, i’ve decided to think positively. Where I might have something stupid happen to me throughout the day, I embrace what happened to me that was good, and I think about it. Instead of complaining that someone pissed me off, boast about someone i got to talk to who i havent seen in a while, whatever!

And so it enfolds Рthe long road to happiness!

Where I always gear myself towards the road less travelled, my only threat to my extremely random lifestyle is my negativity and impulsive compulsiveness. (lol) So while my first step is working, I also decided that I would see a therapist 1-2 times per week. That way I can grow and better myself with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and take baby steps towards controlling all of my wild emotions.

Today the front of my house is covered in crows. I think something might be dead nearby.. aren’t they into all that stuff? Carcasses and all?

Anyways – Im really looking forward to my moms wedding. We’re nearing 2weeks out and I’m trying to think of some cool stuff to do for her. My trainer, Kim is going in for her c-section on the 24th and Ainsley will be born! Im absolutely jump off the ground excited for her and Gord. Im also excited we’ll get back to training together – and I know she is too! We’ve got the hill and the stairs planned out and good to go!

Motivation? I think so!

Stay tuned for my next post!