Tooty Fruity… Poopy Doodey

well as you can guess by the way the title sounds... Obviously we're not talking about Tootsie Rolls here.. This week was supposed to be my depletion week... Well sure has been, I've had some form of heat stroke all week! Makes me feel like im in the NFL... The offensive line of the Browns... Continue Reading →

Pedal to the… Asphault?

So this past week, after taking what seemed to be forever off my bike, I hit up our local park, Donevan with my friends Kyleen and Rob. Although I love riding, it's certainly more physically demanding than I played it off to be from the start, and I now see how I let myself coast... Continue Reading →


Okay, so in a nutshell I wanted to brief you over my ongoings because there is so much going on - last week was "le frantic" Lets start with the long weekend... So Friday we hit Rob's place up. We did breakfast the real canadian way, and we made bacon. And i didnt eat it,... Continue Reading →


So I have to admit, over the past few weeks I've had nothing good to say... I mean literally nothing good to say! I've been complaining almost way too much and never once acknowledging anything that is good happening in my life. Where I am proud of my accomplishments that have been brought upon me... Continue Reading →

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