Birthday Bonanza, Monday Madness

So this weekend I celebrated my little cousin Melinda's 3rd birthday! She bounced her way around her jumping castle, made some crafts, and we even got to shred RC Cars!!! Not going to lie, I think I darted to the craft table before anyone stood a chance. We made birthday hats and bracelets, and indeed... Continue Reading →

Wisdom Wednesday’s

So I was sitting at work plugging away, my stomach was grumbling a bit and I noticed that it was still too early to eat my next meal. Instead of staring at the clock and waiting as the minutes count down, I continued to work, and sipped on my berry flavoured crystal light. About a... Continue Reading →

The Comeback Kid

So I guess at this point my blog was like one of those one hit wonder songs... you hear it for a while, and then it goes away forever until randomly... OH here comes that awful song again.... Can I get a .... O'Town anyone? Oh wait, you don't even remember who they are. So... Continue Reading →

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