Birthday Bonanza, Monday Madness

So this weekend I celebrated my little cousin Melinda’s 3rd birthday! She bounced her way around her jumping castle, made some crafts, and we even got to shred RC Cars!!!

Not going to lie, I think I darted to the craft table before anyone stood a chance. We made birthday hats and bracelets, and indeed they were the cutest dunce caps i’ve ever seen.

Melinda and her mom are both geniuses in the kitchen it seems. They made up a fantastic smorgasbord of food from salad to pulled pork, to pulled pork and beans…. trays on trays of veggies and fruit, and the final phenominon – the HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES! Oh my god! I wish I could have ate one, but instead I stared at everyone else eating them. Good times.

We got home and enjoyed the lazy Sunday with the fam. Marley was happy that we came home because he was bored and ended up sleeping all afternoon.

So off to bed we went to get an exceptional sleep. 5:50am rolls around and it’s straight to meal 1 and meal prep for me.

First my eggs go in the pan, next I get James’ cereal or lunch ready for him, and then I slice up my avocado. Sounds really awesome lame huh?

Well today I decided to safely remove the core with a sharp steak knife. Unfortunately the Avocado won that battle, and now I have a huge cut that will not stop bleeding. It likes to just randomly explode every morning at morning cardio. Fortunately it settles itself down during the day.

They say that duct tape is good for everything though… Right?

So off we go now, straight to work right?


For those of you who are familiar with Oshawa, you know that Ritson and Olive is a fairly busy intersection at 8:30am. Well, indeed it was, and my altinator decided to shit the bed.
Stranded, no other thought crossed my mind, not even the fact I have CAA. And the card in my wallet. In my cupholder. In my car.

I decided to call 9-1-1

9-1-1  ” 911 what’s your emergency”

Me ” I’m stuck in the middle of the road my car just died”

9-1-1 “do you need police, fire or ambulance?”

Me ” no i’m just stuck in the middle of the intersection with my 4-ways on and i’m pretty sure i’m going to get smashed into at any second”

9-1-1 “Okay well here’s a tow truck number”

Me “Oh nevermind, I actually have CAA. Bye!”



So my lovely boyfriend spent his Monday evening helping me out bigtime. The heart of my car has been replaced. Relief at last!

Prep is going well this week, so far i’m liking the progress i’m seeing. Unfortunately i’m still 6.5 weeks away so i’m getting a bit antsy… and feel as though i’m just going through the motions. I guess thats a good thing though, i’m not too worried about anything right now.

Anyways, time to work. Catch ya’s in a bit!

Wisdom Wednesday’s

So I was sitting at work plugging away, my stomach was grumbling a bit and I noticed that it was still too early to eat my next meal. Instead of staring at the clock and waiting as the minutes count down, I continued to work, and sipped on my berry flavoured crystal light. About a half hour later, I came to one of my favourite meals of the day.

Most of you would think… Egg whites? It’s your favourite? JANINE YOU LIE!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, I made them taste so dang good that you would all forget about the fart smell of eggs, and the lack of sauce and enjoy every last bite.

I decided that I would give some wisdom on how I curb my hunger, and how I get variety out of eating the same thing day in and day out.

1) Spice It Up!

It doesn’t have to be hot, but you have so many options and so many health benefits with spices!

  • Cinnamon: Studies have shown that cinnamon actually lowers LDL Cholesterol by using only 1/2 a teaspoon per day, it helps regulate blood-glucose levels, which is extremely important if you’re diabetic, hypoglycemic or dieting. It also smells and tastes fantastic with oatmeal!
  • Stevia: A very good replacement for sugar, or artificial sweeteners. It comes from the Stevia Leaf and can aid in carbohydrate metabolism, hypertension, and indigestion. Some people hate the aftertaste, but I enjoy the health benefits. My digestive tract does too, because it doesnt cause gas or diarhea like other artificial sweeteners do.
  • Parsley: Not just a garnish. Parsley is loaded with Vitamin C, making it a great anti-oxidant. This helps with your immune system when it’s generally lacking nutrients from other fruits and vegetables you don’t get to take in while dieting. It is also a great anti-inflammatory.

Anyways – those are just a few.There’s still sea salt, paprika, red pepper, cayenne pepper… You name it! I use Frank’s all the time as well. It adds some great flavour and kick to my dishes. The more you spice up your meals, and switch up the seasonings from meal to meal – the less it feels like you’re dieting on plain ass chicken and asparagus all the time. Lucky for me, that is not on my mealplan – but if it’s on yours, I’d be soaking some skewers and making some asparagus and souvlaki chicken on my barbeque.

2) Try Different Cooking Approaches

Along with spicing things up, you don’t always want to eat your chicken when it comes out of the oven pan. You can do so many things with it! I like to mix it up between throwing it on the stovetop with some Pam Spray, Baking them in the oven, and barbequing. Lately I have been sprinkling some organic souvlaki seasoning onto my chicken, and cubing my chicken breast and shoving it on a skewer. Egg whites – I like to make “French Toast/Crepe Whites” instead of always scrambling my eggs. Sometimes I’ll bake a frittatta instead of even using a pan! Baking the egg whites into a giant veggie-like muffin holds the moisture and actually tastes amazing. It gets your mind off eating the dry, fried up same ol’.


I can’t stress enough, that when you have a weight loss goal, or you are trying to just be healthy… Remember why you are doing this. Remember who you are doing this for, and remember that Numero Uno is the most important person. So take care of YOU and your health.

I hear so many girls complain about dieting. When people ask me how my diet is coming along, I say it’s great, easy even. Enjoy what you do. Enjoy eating healthy. If you are dieting, and you would prefer to eat from the McValu menu all year round… Perhaps you should think of alternatives… like making Turkey Muffins or Turkey Popcorn (its my healthy version of Popcorn Chicken)

If you want to compete, sometimes it sucks. And you know what? We all get over it. So don’t think because your so hungry that you are seriously in need of having an entire jar of peanut butter, or “oh woe is me I cant be social” … I’ve been to dinner parties where i’ve drank lemon and water and watched people eat, only to sneak off into the washroom and eat my chicken in a zippy. If it’s that hard for you, unless you like to alienate yourself from all forms of civilization, then you need to get over it. There are plenty of people who know how you feel, and by surrounding yourself with positive ones there is no reason for you to drag your ass.

That’s all for me today folks!

Kill it!

Thanks Janetha at Meals and Moves for that awesome little pic

The Comeback Kid

So I guess at this point my blog was like one of those one hit wonder songs… you hear it for a while, and then it goes away forever until randomly… OH here comes that awful song again….

Can I get a …. O’Town anyone? Oh wait, you don’t even remember who they are.

So it’s been a long long looooooong time since i’ve hung out at WordPress, and my life has yet to ever slow down with excitement. Although I do feel like I may be approaching 30 instead of 21.

I haven’t touched my bike since December, I finished school and got a full-time job, and I am 7.5 weeks away from heading to New Westminster, BC to compete at the CBBF Nationals. I guess you can say i’ve been busy.

A few of my friends just competed at the Ontario Championships/Pro Show, pretty stoked on their success this year. Marta, redeeming herself and placing in the top 5, qualifying her for Nationals next year, and Alaina who placed a respectable 8th place and rocked her class! She won the Regional Show just 2 weeks prior, and just one year after losing 74 pounds!!!!  Another honourable mention, my trainer Kim Tilden! She is an IFBB Professional in the Women’s Physique Division. Not only did she win, but she OWNED the stage. I have never seen someone look so beautiful in my life!

The Beautiful Kim Tilden!

So after the Supershow Madness, our good friend Jenny Mac went down to Ottawa. She won her class in the Tall Category!

This is a serious year of victory on the board for Kim’s Krew. Looks like the pressure has officially turned itself on. I have never wanted to win so bad before in my life, and with all of these incredible ladies presenting their best, I have no doubt that my kick ass coach will get me there.

I got to have a good ol’ cheat meal this weekend. So James and I decided it would be best to go have burgers… I  had a burger alright. I had a man’s burger. The manager even offered to buy me dessert because I was able to finish the whole thing. Unfortunately, sugar is not on my cheat menu… So I politely declined.

It looks like this…

only with 2 patties and no cheese…. so more like this…

I’m on target for my show though….  so the Tildenator says. Although I ask her if she’s sure everyday she always says yes. And if I wasn’t i’m sure she’d make sure we were working to make sure we were… We’re doing the same old “no pictures of Janine” approach to this year’s prep. Although I do take them weekly. I love myself, just not enough to keep showing day in and day out weekly, hourly, updates of myself.

Anyways thats just a small splurge on my life. It’s another day at the office for me, Research Analyzing, Jack of All Trading… Scheduling…. Yeah thats me. Time to get back to it, cuz it ain’t done yet!!!!

Heading to McPhail’s tonight to send it at Conditioning Class. If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, you HAVE to.

WWW.AREYOUGAME.CA – I PROMISE YOU, that you will not be dissapointed if you’re from the GTA. IF you are from the GTA and you don’t come to these classes once in a while if not weekly… You’re nuts. If you can imagine getting a big bucket of water dumped on you in this 40 degree weather, you will make a point of doing it after this class. Incase this scares you, well… get over it. You won’t regret it when you walk around all year with a pack of abs.

Oh, and did you hear me when I said that all my teammates were winning? I forgot to add everyone else who has won or placed this year….

Andrea, Masters Bikini Model @ UFE – 1st Swimsuit 2nd Fitness Model
Top 5 in the Tall Bikini Category at Cobourg Naturals, as well as Top 3 in Masters
Corby, 5th @ UFE Figure
Alaina – 1st at Luchka/Obrien Figure Medium Tall, 8th at the Ontario Provincial Championships
Noelle – 1st and Overall at the Cobourg Naturals – Figure Short, Figure Masters Short
Renee – Top 3 in the Cobourg Natural Bikini
Jen – 1st at the CBBF Natural Nationals, Figure Short
Jenna – 7th at the CBBF Natural Nationals in Figure Short – She was hard as a rock, made people look bad because she was so awesome!
Rebecca – 2nd in Bikini Tall, Luchka Obrien
Marta, 4th at the Sudbury Classic, Figure C, 4th at the Ontario Provincial Championships
Jenny, 1st Figure Tall at the Ottawa Natural Classic and Fitday Expo
Kim Tilden…. the most insanely awesome trainer i’ve ever had. Physique Debut at Orlando Pro,  9th/21 girls, and then walked onto the Toronto Pro stage, somewhere between 12-18 Pro’s. You already know she’s the champ! She’s headed to Chicago Pro next!

Anyhow, I forgot I have a job… Until next time! Keep Killin it!