So James and I got to meet Aaron Ross this weekend. He is one of the KINGS of BMX! If you haven't checked him out lately, or ever.... you better watch this video and get involved! We went to Baycycle in Pickering and visited with our good old friends Christian, Rob... everyone else who came...... Continue Reading →


I decided i was feeling real boring with the way things were looking. WordPress should have called my last theme lame. Anyways I cant wait to tell you the extreme things going on! I'm 2 weeks out right now, this second. It's getting so close I can taste all of the dry oatmeal in my... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Clean eating for the Family

It's probably hard to eat with your whole family when you're on a restricted diet. Why not try to spice up their lives for dinnre, but keep your diet clean in the meantime? Quick Switches for great taste and a smaller waistline: Ingredient: Corn Flakes and Breadcrumbs Substitute With: Oatmeal and Flaxseed Tuna Salad With... Continue Reading →

Friends are forever

Just wanted to go back in time to remember a lost friend... the beloved Stanza. You don't understand the adventures that this car has taken us through. But it has brought us closer to god, hell, death.... we fit it in small places... and things like you are about to view.. Stanza Love Jump After... Continue Reading →

Little people in the cupboard

So I figured i'd let you know what happened this weekend to the likes of James and I... Well we watched his old neighbours house burn to the ground. that was nuts, and also fishy.... Anyways i feel sorry for the family, and i feel equally as sorry for the son of the guy who... Continue Reading →

Breaking a Sweat

So there are many exciting things happening this week. Not only has the weekend finally came, but James's truck is nearly finished!! it has been a long time coming. We have been through a lot with this beast of a thing - and finally we're ready to ride in style with some fresh paint and... Continue Reading →

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