So James and I got to meet Aaron Ross this weekend. He is one of the KINGS of BMX!

If you haven’t checked him out lately, or ever…. you better watch this video and get involved!

We went to Baycycle in Pickering and visited with our good old friends Christian, Rob… everyone else who came… Nick the stalker… LOL !

What an awesome night. That guy was mad chill, and it was really awesome having the whole Sunday team come out our way. Unfortunately someone ate shit and lost a tooth, split his lip… and being American is not entitled to our awesome health care that is free… Poor bugger. Hope he’s healing up well!

Anyways this weekend is alright, spent a lot of time getting burnt on Sunday. I ran Gordy’s tough mudder class on Sunday and those guys wanted me to kill them, so that is what happened. 90 mins of death. But if you’ve seen what the tough mudder consists of… You will understand that 90 minutes of torture is nothing compared to what they are planning on enduring on the 18th.

12 days left to go my friends till Nationals. No peep shows from me. I’m tempted but not prepared for anyone to see me until the final package is right where it should be.

I had a long moment to think today about Nationals. I’m not really sure what came over me, but I came to realize that every single athlete that has come from a Regional show, gone through Provincials and hit up Nationals… Have progressed so much over the years and became phenominal competitors. The pros that have come out of Canada are amazing… I’ve never seen such a competitive lineup at a show than our own Canadian Nationals.

I am actually one of those athletes now. I’m going to Nationals. Im a bit overwhelmed with the thought that I too, could be one of those physiques that other people look at and say “hell ya i want to look like that” someday. Just boggles my mind that just a few years ago I was clueless, 17, and needed a huge lifestyle change before putting myself into the gutter… Well this lifestyle is the only one i know now. Not only is it the only one I know, but i’ve found the better person inside of me, found amazing friends inside and outside the industry, and i have the most amazing boyfriend to have my back all the friggen time.

To all the ladies and gentlemen at McPhail’s, Kimmy and Gord, James, Mom, Mark, Katie, my old man, all of my friends… My Nan for being my inspiration to achieve something I once saw so unfeasable… Thank you for being who you are. You are the most amazing people i’ve ever come across (some of you i was born stuck with in my life forever, lol KT) but you have made this happen in a very large perspective.

Now i’m going to go do cardio, because i cant eat ice cream when i get emotional – and you shouldnt either!!!!!



I decided i was feeling real boring with the way things were looking. WordPress should have called my last theme lame.

Anyways I cant wait to tell you the extreme things going on!

I’m 2 weeks out right now, this second. It’s getting so close I can taste all of the dry oatmeal in my mouth. I can’t believe how insane i’m starting to look, and it just reminds me of some old times that i will now share…

My abs before water depletion and carb up last year

Golden ticket to British Columbia!Stratford 2010 with my homies


Quick Tip: Clean eating for the Family

It’s probably hard to eat with your whole family when you’re on a restricted diet. Why not try to spice up their lives for dinnre, but keep your diet clean in the meantime?

Quick Switches for great taste and a smaller waistline:

Ingredient: Corn Flakes and Breadcrumbs
Substitute With: Oatmeal and Flaxseed

Tuna Salad With Mayo
Substitute With: Tuna Salad made with Avocado

Ingredient: Soft Shell Tacos
Substitute with: Romaine Lettuce Shell

Substitute Further: XLean Ground Turkey instead of Ground Beef

Remember, keep things simple people!

Friends are forever

Just wanted to go back in time to remember a lost friend… the beloved Stanza.

You don’t understand the adventures that this car has taken us through. But it has brought us closer to god, hell, death…. we fit it in small places… and things like you are about to view..

Stanza Love Jump

After such an amazing experience with the stanza, i bought myself a Nissan Sentra about a year ago. Yesterday  I felt like I was given some darn good Karma, because as my battery light flickered and my car would die everytime i turned a corner, a small bolt needed to to tightened. And then love was once again in the air.

I hope you had the opportunity to enjoy the Stanza Video Experience.

Little people in the cupboard

So I figured i’d let you know what happened this weekend to the likes of James and I…

Well we watched his old neighbours house burn to the ground. that was nuts, and also fishy…. Anyways i feel sorry for the family, and i feel equally as sorry for the son of the guy who works for the home owner, who is now probably fired or in debt by a couple mill. Yeah, ASTON MARTIN, JAG, 2 boats or something… Not to mention a 3 storey house. Someone, somewhere, has pooped theirselves a few times thinking about their shitty barbeque skills. That will make you think twice about forgetting to clean the grease tray, or turn off the propane.


And with that, I leave you the picture of the house…

Breaking a Sweat

So there are many exciting things happening this week. Not only has the weekend finally came, but James’s truck is nearly finished!!

it has been a long time coming. We have been through a lot with this beast of a thing – and finally we’re ready to ride in style with some fresh paint and some fresh kicks. The boys are headed out tonight to see how it’s coming along at Mark’s shop and i’m pretty sure there will be a 2-4 involved and lots of celebrating.

Speaking of celebrating…. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Canada just had a birthday!

Oh and SO DID JAMES!!!!!!Look at that happy bugger….

We had a great Canada Day celebration – it turned into a great hangout time for the fam as well. We headed to the good ol’ Cobourg Beach, where we have never watched fireworks before… why we havent – i dont know!

 We went to a little restaurant called the Oasis that’s been in Cobourg for over 20 years. They also celebrated James’ birthday!

The best birthday drum EVER!

Innocent Ice Cream eating face

We got to watch fireworks, and do our yearly “Birthday Haunukkah” traadition – James gets to have 1 present a day for 1 whole week!

this is what his haunukkah was like this year:
1) RC Car Parts
2) RC Car Parts & Dinner & Drum & Peanut Butter Cup!
3) Metal Mulisha Swag
4) Hurley Swag
5) Metal Mulisha Swag
6) RC Car Parts
7) RC Car swag
and we’re even having an 8th day of celebration – we’re heading for one of my last cheat meals on Saturday! Gonna slam some steak and taterr!!!!!

My trainer – Kim Tilden is currently sitting around waiting to eat the above meal in large quantities. She is less than 24 hours away from stepping on stage at the Chicago Pro Show!!!! Make sure you scream for this babe if you’re out in Chi Town this weekend! Anyways – thats it for me, i’ll let you know how the weekend goes after I live it right up! I plan on watching Kim feast down on everything she thinks of on Sunday.. So far i know it consists of Steak, Ribs, Perogies, Asian Salad, Burgers, Beer and Snickers. Possibly cheesecake.

This is all the motivation I will need for the next 5 weeks. And now to head out in to the red hot sun for some cardio….

Go hard everyone! See ya!