Getting down to the Cellular Level

So i’ve had a lot of time to research lately, as my offseason programs are usually generated in cycles of trial and error with different approaches.

If you recall, these are the goals i set for myself this offseason:

  • Build mass on my upper body
  • Keep my conditioning in check
  • Bring down my legs
  • achieve an overall โ€œharderโ€ look year round
  • Maintain a 10 lb fluctuation from stage weight

So far i’ve managed to keep those goals in mind, and basically maintain a healthy physique to contribute to my succession of these goals.

I found the following article on Controling Leptin and Controlling Your Leanness

After hearing so much about why you “shouldnt bulk, should bulk, stay within 10 lbs, stop doing cardio completely” la de da de da. THere are so many opinions, that whatever you do, it seems to be right or wrong based on someone’s philosophy.

So i realized, we gotta get down to the cellular level of body mechanics and how it responds to your diet; what happens when you eat, what happens when you eat too much, what happens when you eat too little, what happens to your body? How does it adapt….

Most of you are familiar with the recent scare of “Metabolic Damage” and I think this article is indeed something you should read, to get right down to the nitty gritty of how your body is REALLY reacting. Leptin and Insulin people, the production of hormones and all that jazz, its a wonderful thing. And if you know how to manipulate your bodies levels – you know it starts by avoiding Gluttony.



Well i just got back from my first trip to the nationals, i placed 13th out of a competitive lineup of 23 girls from around the country, who have all been prequalified to compete here by respective placings at their provincial shows.

Not only was the show a success, but the trip was intense. James and I toured what seemed to be a lot of Vancouver and New Westminster, only to realize there is so much more to see. Operation Winter Whistler is officially being planned!!!! James had his first experience on a plane and he didnt mind the ride at all. Actually he loved it! So needless to say, we WILL be back!

I got some very good feedback from the judges. This offseason i’m looking to do the following:

Build mass on my upper body

Keep my conditioning in check

Bring down my legs

achieve an overall “harder” look year round

Maintain a 10 lb fluctuation from stage weight


I thought overall, my whole package that i brought to the stage was incredible. I cant even believe that person in the photos is me!! My trainer from diet, training, mental focus, you NAME it, Kim Tilden and her husband Gord McPhail, who pushed me through some mad conditioning classes, are the main reasons i made it this far. They were so patient and easy to work with once again. Love those guys!

I can’t forget about James, my best friend in the entire world, the cutest guy and most coolest funniest, craziest and weirdest boyfriend ๐Ÿ™‚ He made this trip rock so much and supported me day in and day out. He is my ROCK and im not kidding he is like a rock, hes hard to move. Love you James! Thanks so much for the amazing memories!!

James and i packed it in between prejudging and finals for a picnic, we had a blast before we hung out with the girls out back of the venue. we had a hoot!

I just enjoyed my first experience ever at Burger Revolution last night in Belleville. For those of you that know me, know i am finnicky on my cheat meals and they have to be perfect or i wont cheat. Well, this was like going to space for the first time. It blew my head off and i had to chase it around because i needed to eat the burger with my mouth. I even had a poutine with it. OH MY!


I’ll leave you with some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The nacho experience post-show ๐Ÿ™‚ NOM NOM