Quality. Appreciate it haters!



Just read a good article, although a little dated, its from last January, written by good old Antoine, the French Canadian guy thats going to dominate the world…

I feel like I can relate a bit to it, and the approach I take in my offseason to build my shoulders is quite similar. It’s time to step up the game though and bring those puppies up to par. I also have leg problems and they just balloon at the sight of a weight, so it doesnt matter what i do… weights or not, those things grow.

Following this said advice, obviously judging by photos you can determine that my width is an issue…especially when I turn around. BAM! bottom heavy. And while i’ve been killing back, i need some cannon balls to complete the look. I also have to work on my back pose, it seems i always get the back pose jitters and screw it up. Having tree trunks for legs doesnt help the cause either lol.


Time to make some written goals. The next four weeks I will be going right into the nitty gritty of measuring my goals. Not only do I need my shoulders to grow, i need to look like a scary creature when i’m in Mexico in January.

Goooooin mad haaaaaaaaaaaard!

And with that, I leave you with some Live Pantera.

Shiver Me Timbers! It’s December!??!

So it’s been quite the insane last few weeks… Not only has there been a pile of work, but ARE YOU GAME has finally opened! (Photo Courtesy of Jenny Mac)

Well Kim and Gord have opened their own location! It’s amazing. It’s everything i’ve ever dreamed of, i’m lucky enough to be there everyday to enjoy it!

I also started teaching on Friday’s for the boss lady and boss man. It’s going well. It seems everyone who comes to class loves pain. They are all like those circus freaks, and i love it! Next thing we’re going to learn is how to balance knives on our heads while we do box jumps.

Just kidding, thats dangerous.

Tonight I’m bringing the whole fam jam to the club and we’re going to hammer out some agility work and plyos. Looking forward to my baby sister and my cute little mother killing it with me :D!


Recently, i’ve been in hiding, and very non-vocal about how my training is… But it’s been some heavy ass few months. After Thanksgiving I finally had enough time to evaluate what was next, and i think i had enough cheese rest to last me a lifetime. I’m almost at the last 2 months of my “off-season” training, where basically it’s crazy ape shit heavy lifting until someone has an AFR, or a close call. On top of that i’ve got my plyos and conditioning workouts at Are You Game and they’re solid. Its nice to not have to worry about cardio, or do it twice a day.

I was thinking about a new type of training for the next 8 weeks, but a good friend of mine advised me not to ‘re-invent the wheel’ so i dont get pissed off at myself. Generally that does happen, so that was really great food for thought. I won’t be insane and do the same thing i’ve been doing now for another 8 weeks, because i’m not about to hinder any progression.I’m planning to stick to the style of training that’s been working for me, and just work on bringing up my weak areas a little bit more.

I’m hoping this year I can really balance out my physique, so unfortunately I can’t do 7 plates a side and be completely unorthadox on the leg press, and there will be no heavy-squatting-my-brains-out training because if my quads grow anymore i might as well turn into a tree. Surprisingly that was the hardest thing to do this year, was not get all heavy-happy on my legs… I still wish i could just drop the reps and add a butt-load of weight. But Kim would probably knock me out. She’s got some big arms!

So onward and upward, it’s almost December so that means lots of holiday cheer and singing will be coming my way. I don’t think i have a single weekend where I’m not doing something Christmasy until the middle of January. I might pass out thinking about it. I also hope there isnt too much peppermint going around, I don’t think i can handle the stink of family flatulance.


That’s all for now!

Thanks mom for reading all of my blogs, i think you’re the only one that does. LOL!