Suppose you might wanna know

Well I guess I kind of blew away in the wind after the Ontarios and I turned into a ghost……. Aside from my little facebook rants and twitter one liners that had me off my rocker… I cant fight the passion!!

Well – for those who are unaware, I did not place top 5 so that means I am not going on to compete at Nationals. Although yes, that would be cool to do… I am happy that I’ve got the time off, enjoying my brand new HOUSE with the love of my life, and just acting like some kinda grown up… NOT!

Well I placed 12th, and where I leave the judging in the judges hands, I think my look was pretty fly. I am really happy with how everything came together, and Kim had me looking like a cartoon up there! I was so FULL and friggen Muscular!!!!!!! Wow. After 5 hard years of training, we got it all down pat and brought this:
janine3 janine5 janine2 janine4 janine6

So that was fun, I got to hang out with my buddies backstage and we just embraced the wait, and enjoyed every moment! Alexa, Jenna, Elena, Lauren, Noelle… You guys were great! I was especially stoked for my friend Jenna who won our class in figure C. You looked dynamite my friend – and your engaged!!! so thats even cooler!

Onto the next –

So some of you might drop your jaws, some of you might already know and some of you arent even reading this far down. And since one of you is my mom I want to take this opportunity to say HI MOM 🙂

I have decided that I will be working with Dr Layne Norton.

layne norton

He is truly a mastermind. I’m almost on week 3… I still think this is some kind of joke because i’m so baffled with how well the process is going. I have been counting macronutrients and it is VERY fun. If you’ve known me long enough you know I love math and I get excited about numbers… My Dad used to give me minute maths with my oatmeal every morning from grade 1 onward… I am a geek. This whole macro counting thing is bad ass, and totally reminds me of those good ol’ days.

Also for those of you who are flipping your shit – I did NOT leave Kim on bad terms. We thought this would be an incredible opportunity for me to learn, and it seems like i’ve been learning something new everyday with Layne, and the guy is SOLID too. None of this bullshit cookie cutter heres your shit dont talk to me for a week… He talks to me and other teamies on facebook, he responds within the minute sometimes to email… Just solid and his attitude is geared specifically to long term success for us clients!!

With that said, Layne and I discussed competition plans, and decided that sitting out this fall would be of my best interest.

LONG term goals baby! I got time fo DAT!

Beaner OUT!

Shout out to my old man

For Immediate release: Bronx, NY

Steeltribe Musclegear are excited to announce the signing of NPC National Bodybuilder John Mutton as their feature sponsored athlete.

CEO of Steeltribe Musclegear, Aaron Ash says “The “Muttonator” provides us with a unique expansion into both the Canadian and American market”

Mutton is the former Mayor of Clarington, in Ontario Canada, and is the owner and CEO of Municipal Solutions, a company servicing clients in both the US and Canada. He is only bodybuilder/politician/businessman that has ever been on the G-8 negotiating committee for nuclear fusion. Mutton’s distinguished career has earned him the prestigious Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to Canada.

After leaving public office, John Mutton started on his bodybuilding career and made the Canadian Nationals in his first year of competition. He has competed at the IFBB North Americans;  has won the NPC Brandywine Cup in Pennsylvania; and was runner up at the NPC Europa and the NPC Delaware State Championships.

Mutton has also appeared in the Discovery Channel special on Tribes of the 21st Century, featured as “From Mayor to Bodybuilder”

“John’s business travel finds him training in gyms all across Canada and the USA, and this gives Steeltribe an exposure we could only dream about” says Steeltribe Musclegear’s Aaron Ash.

Mutton says “Steeltribe Musclegear is the hottest, most cutting edge clothing line on the fitness scene today. I am proud to wear it in gyms across the USA and Canada”