Confessions of a Lift-a-holic

So I'm pretty sure that Lift-a-holic is a real thing and I decided that since I am suffering from not lifting and i'm itching to train... maybe this is exactly what I am. So for the record - I placed 4th at the Ontario's qualifying myself for the Nationals which I will attend in the... Continue Reading →


Hey guys! There is still time to register for camp on August 17th with Ella and I!! However - spots are filling right up! Be sure to send your email with subject CAMP to and remember - its  .CA !! Let us know you are interested in the camp - and get your deposits... Continue Reading →

Peak Week Party

Well here we are approaching a second peak week in two weeks. I just competed at the Henderson Thorne Naturals and won the short class... Hoping to bring a better package for the Natural Ontarios.   I wanted to touch on peaking here for a minute. Unfortunately there is no perfect way to peak for... Continue Reading →

All New Website!

It has come to my attention that the Original page for MightyBeanz was pretty darn lame and you couldn't navigate to anywhere, or see a damn thing from your phone! I am currently working on getting this page up to speed and introducing you to the all new MightyBeanz Training website!! We will have blog... Continue Reading →

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