Owning Your Own Journey

Today we’re going to get a little deep… I’m sorry if this applies to anyone reading but hopefully it will help you move in the right direction rather than in the trending direction.


Well it’s pretty obvious we all want to be a part of the fitness movement. Everyone would love to be healthy and hell, I don’t blame them. I like being able to look at myself and like what I see. Obviously I’m critical in my own regard based on personal goals, but overall i’m looking at myself thinking that I love the life I live, and that’s all I need to continue my journey.
WELL…… here we go.

1) If you would like to live a better life/compete/work towards a better YOU, then do so because you WANT to.
2) If you HATE working out, HATE cardio… maybe find either another sport you like or something that is actually enjoyable. Remember you’re looking to be successful in your own journey, everyone’s is different.
3) When you contact someone to coach you, if you have received your plan immediately without any background asked on your behalf, it’s likely not geared towards you as an individual
4) With the above mentioned, expect your coach to take a little while to get back to you. But don’t worry… They aren’t standing you up, they’re actually putting effort into the overall plan.
5) When you get up to go to the gym, unless you’re like WOW i’m sore… don’t complain about having to get up and do the work. You wanted this…right?
6) Please do not expect just because you show up in the flesh that you will yield maximum results. You may be present, but your work ethic may be completely absent.
7) If your average time to train is once a week, 30 minutes, expect your results to take some time, especially if you are paying little to no attention to your diet.
8) If you are looking for an end goal in the foreseeable future, ask yourself if you are doing what it will take to get there?
9) if you are looking at a long term goal, ask yourself, is that long term goal worth my effort? If it is, be strong and be proud of the journey you’ve decided to travel
10) Be aware that sometimes with nutrition, you will have to stop ordering the worst thing on the menu when you’re out to lunch.
11) There is always a better alternative than what you think you’re stuck with.
12) plan ahead… this is how we avoid having to scrounge around for an alternative that may leave to a poor choice (see above)
13) Live YOUR life, follow YOUR path. You don’t get an award for how much you tried to be like someone else.
14) Stop trying to prove something. You might be eating out of your tupperware in front of everyone, but what you eat in secret you wear in public.


Put your heart into it. Achieve something great. Recognize your something might not be competing, training, dieting… But it might be rollerblading, soccer, running… As long as you find YOUR something, not someone else’s.





Hey Ladies! I know y’all aren’t looking to grow a mustache anytime soon so how about we try another¬†challenge?

I’ll be doing this myself.

I challenge you to pick 3 days a week where you’ll get up and MOVE for 10 minutes.

Ride your bike, walk to the store, if you’re in the gym, do 10 minutes of cardio, with all of that extra energy – positive or negative, and let it out on that 10 minutes.

Here’s the catch:

No Negative thinking

You MUST pick¬†3 things you will accomplish today on top of your movement, while you’re moving.
You MUST identify 3 positive things about yourself while you’re moving.

What the mind believes, the body achieves.


Let’s see how much you can change the way you view yourself this month by doing these two simple things 3 times a week for 10 minutes only. There’s 26 days left, so make the most of it!

I’ll be posting before and afters this month of my own personal accomplishments for move-vember.

10 minutes a day for 3 days, 30 minutes a week.

Here we go!!!!