Toronto Pro Supershow

Well it's that time of year again... Hope to see lots of friendly faces next weekend at the Toronto Pro Supershow. Good luck to everyone in the OPA who's duking it out for a placing that takes them to Nationals. Its one hell of an experience! The IFBB Pro Show is going to be nuts,... Continue Reading →

Fouad Abiad Classic 2015

Another top 5 finish on the books!¬† 4th place Figure Medium Tall for Sandy !! Not satisfied yet though. We are going to work on bringing her in pretty hard for the next¬†upcoming show. This is where that mental game comes in and you just get used to being a little uncomfortable. 3 weeks to... Continue Reading →

Get Your Head in the Game

I know that as athletes we all constantly want more. We want to be more successful, we want to be better at a certain skill... but we don't know how to approach our mental game. Self defeat is one of the most common things that affects teams, individual athletes and people in general. If you... Continue Reading →

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