Toronto Pro Supershow

Well it’s that time of year again… Hope to see lots of friendly faces next weekend at the Toronto Pro Supershow.


Good luck to everyone in the OPA who’s duking it out for a placing that takes them to Nationals. Its one hell of an experience!

The IFBB Pro Show is going to be nuts, waiting (impatiently) for the competitors list to come out. It’s really amazing to see the level of conditioning some of these men and women can get to.

This year, these are some of the events that will be taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Main event: IFBB* Professional Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique competitions

  • Inside Fitness Model Searches
  • Sweat for Kids Toronto Fitness Challenge
  • RushClub Crossfit
  • Open Armwrestling Tournament
  • Strongman Challenge
  • OWA* Toronto Weightlifting Championships
  • OPA* Toronto Powerlifting Championships
  • Boxing Tournament sanctioned by Boxing Ontario
  • CASK* Kickboxing Tournament
  • OPA* Provincial Bodybuilidng, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique Championships
  • CPW Professional Wrestling
  • Health and Fitness Expo
  • Seminars and Sessions by leading Fitness Industry Experts
  • and more to be confirmed.

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