I owe you one…

I owe you some 411 on my challenge… I figure I’ll enlighten you with this next one, since I just came back from the show covered in oompa loompa colouring.

Day 11 – What’s in your makeup bag?

clearly you can see James is wearing a beard… but the most stand out thing here I’d say is the oddly bronzed colour of my skin. First off, I’ve got my MAC foundation. Totally meant for orange people. Only orange people.

I’ve got all this crazy eyeshadow, lipgloss,multiple colours of eyeliner, you name it. It’s in here. So is my bling. I dont have a jewelery box yet  but when I get one, all of it will be in here. So here’s a shot of my Blizzzinggg to the blang.

second the BEST

So this past weekend i competed at the Sudbury Ontario Championships!

I got all tanned up in my shoes and suit and got ready to hit the stage on Saturday morning!

And guess what?!? I came second!!!

So here I am working my way for the last 2 days of training for the Toronto Pro Supershow, in the OPA Ontario Championships!

So last week was pretty intense. I got all my prep food cooked, chicken and steak… waddup!!!

My mom also creeped me quite a bit and snapped some insane pictures of my abs… Wowzers! Check’er out!

loving my white ass belly!

Anyways after Sudbury was over we hit the Keg. This is probably my favourite restaurant in the entire world.

 Heather got me a giftcard for the Keg, THANK YOU HEATHER!  – On a side note, on day 10 of my challenge, my favourite place to eat is the Keg. So here you go!

So what to order for my “clean cheat”?

James had a Prime Rib Burger and I had the sirloin dinner. OOHHH YEAAAAA !

It was by far the best night i’ve had in a long while. James and I got to spend the night together without any distractions, without me having to get up to cook egg whites, without any of our friends showing up to ride (i  love you all, i swear!). It was peaceful, and comfy and full of hotel pillows and jantana! haha!


So today we’ve reached the “shave body ya damn samsquanch” day. I’d like to start by saying its extremely strange, You would never think theres hair on your elbow, but indeed… It’s there.

Recumbent bike, 30 minutes. Check.

Aside from that, I woke up to the most amazing experience of my life… My morning carb!

Hey Oatmeal, how ya doin' buddy!?

So at 7am, the highlight of my day has already happened. I think we’re off to a good start folks!

Now for today’s “To Do List”

 √  do 30 minutes on the recumbent bike and have oats today
 √ pack makeup, jan tana prep and shoes
   cook over 30 oz of chicken and 12 oz steak
   take my vitamin stack with last 3 meals
   suit, jewelery and superglue
   Wallet, OPA membership
   Food for Friday, Saturday, Sunday
   hairspray, curlers, hot rollers
 √  Pump Up band, 2×10 lb dumbells, shoes for Sunday

Following the oatheaven, I had to once again ‘exfoliate and moisturize’ with my jantana prep. As I was doing that, I decided to dig for all of my makeup utensils that I didn’t have before-hand. Found them all. Now they’re all nicely contained in my red makeup box and topped with my shoes 🙂 . Check!

So we’re also 9 days into the challenge and the last thing I bought for myself was steak. Here you go!


Well lucky for me my mood has slightly changed and im less insanely outraged by being low-carbed and blah.

Im less outraged, and more blunt. Euphemism? Whats that? Oh your goldfish is unwell, no it didn’t its probably about to shit the bed!

Oh you want to talk to me while im working out “ I CANT HEAR YOU, IM TRAINING

Children of Bodom – Hate me.

I dont give a %^*$ if you Hate Me!

Basically to put it as simple as it is in the song. 🙂

Today I got to have chicken all day, no more tuna for a little while. Thank god, I was getting really sick of plain ass tuna out of a can. Its just wet and not very nice when nothing is added. I mean, dill and paprika are okay, but come on, tzitki or mayo? Puh-leassssseeeeeee!

Nah. its ok though, I have chicken now about 4 times a day. Hell ya!

But be careful, chicken makes you produce estrogen. Said by an idiot who clearly has never ate anything other than a twinkie.

So today I spent the day at school, doing my last depletion and getting my NAILS did! Hell yeah for girl time with Grace. That was awesome.


Now ive finally came back to the land of home and decided it was chill time with my pup and my mom. It is about 80 degrees outside and basically impossible to breathe.

Im about to go get a new phone too, my crackberry seems to not like to do anything on the scroll ball. I like to call that shitting the bed.



Speaking Of Weddings…

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

If im anything like my mom, I’ve got my wedding all planned out in this little book where you can schedule and arrange everything you need to, theres already charts good to go, all you need is to have a ring on your finger that says your engaged. If your planning a wedding for fun then you might be a little bit crazy.
My perfect wedding… Well, my perfect wedding would have to take place in a very colourful garden. I love the  colour of sunsets and fall so my bridesmaids might hate the poop coloured dresses they’ll wear. Just kidding ladies, whoever you’ll be… you will look fantastic, even if i have to drug you!

I would like to have traditional features, you know big family friends, head table, ceremony and reception.. Outdoor ceremony weather permitting..

I would want Wicked Game to be my first song… I love that song by HIM… I know its a cover but its amazing and Ville Valo is phenominal :)!

I guess the groomsmen would have to match. Im more of a trendy/alternative type taste so i’d like to see everyone in some Vans slip ons… i know its been done but it looks wayyyy cool!

Anyways thats about all I got in mind so far for my wedding, other than mark walking me down the aisle. He’s amazing! Yeah Dad

Weekend Challenge

Day 1 — Your favorite song
Day 2 — Your favorite movie
Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.
Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.
Day 5 – How important you think education is?

FIrst we’ll start with my fav pic of my bestie. And further more establishing whom my best friend is..

Well, I’ll start by saying its been a really good year so far. Really good! And the only reason its been this great is because I’ve got a girlfriend now! One that i’ve grown to recognize as my best friend. Even though I am the tomboy, one of the guys, nobody even compares to Heather! Although sometimes I wonder if she’s sick of listening to me bitch and moan, she is always there, she always comes back, and so it leads me to believe she might actually like me! Hahaha!

Heather – you walked in and not only became my friend, but you helped me view things with an open mind, you’ve taught me many things, and you’ve accomplished so much for yourself since we’ve been friends that im totally stoked to say you’re my best friend. Here’s my favourite pic of you!

I love it, your in a really sick peacoat and you are, as per usual, naturally one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever seen!  No need to look like MiMi from Drew Carey to turn heads! Simply stunning!

Day 5 – How important you think education is?

Well. Let me tell you something about education…

It’s hit or miss in regard to teachers, I recently had a really bad confrontation with one of my teachers. She was A NUTCASE. Not mentioning her name either, one because its unprofessional, and two because she would probably have me hunted down/sued for slander or something .Yeah she’s that crazy. Without going into detail, lets just say I had to ask her to back away from my face while she swung her arms and her hips in the air screaming. And totally tried to play the victim. Needless to say she was let go… and probably should be checking into the Loonie Bin.

I do believe that education is very important. I believe that in order to accomplish great things, further exceed competition in the workforce, or anywhere for that matter requires you to be educated. You need to constantly keep up to the new times! Sorry folks, we DO NOT operate with Dos, there is something called technology and its constantly advancing!

I do reccomend to most people, no matter how appealing the college commercials for private schools and fasttracked programs sound, you gotta get lucky with your 1) school and 2) instructor. I havent been to community college but I find that my brain is not being challenged to its potential, especially coming into a program for Honours Business Administration. The sad thing is, trying to transfer these credits to university, half the universities my friend and I have contacted wont even recognize it as a qualified prerequisite and say that we need to start from scratch.. So basically we go to school for a piece of paper, get pushed away with that piece of paper, only to spend more money for another piece of paper. How does that make sense? Honestly, I started a business when I was 16 years old with my Dad, Yeah I did do all the work because he had 60 thousand dollars worth of product and said ” figure out how to get rid of this ” . Sure, so now im a wholesaler, and need to go Canada-wide to get my job done and make some profit. Yeah we did great, and I went back to highschool in the fall for grade 12 and someone else took over for me, but I built that solid foundation – we even passed the break even point. Obviously until my dad let the work fall in the hands of a guy who sits at home and plays xbox in his underwear while talking to COD4 guys… Just sayin, not a smooth move on that part to hire your fiance’s brother.
So i guess what im trying to say is, education is great but I dont think education should just be based off a great resume and how many years you spent in shcool or how many letters are at the end of your name. If you’ve got experience, if you can apply your knowledge and your eager to learn and try new things, and you catch on very very quickly to all the concepts that need to be applied, what the hell is the point of spending 9 years in University, 100000 in OSAP? Especially at ages where your not even sure what you want to do with your life, if your going to have a family, if your going to rob a bank or if your going to be a taxi driver… Life experience is very much needed education. People should start to recognize that, and not so much on what degree or diploma you have. unless your a doctor, you kinda gotta have your PHD


So I managed to make some sense of my day. I made some brain fart action happen to the max.

Here’s the daily challenge for Fab Friday

Day 1 — Your favorite song
Day 2 — Your favorite movie
Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

My perfect first date… Hmm. Well although I’d like to say I’d want to have dinner and flowers etc. I can most certainly say my idea of the perfect first date would include some sort of adrenaline rush, other than nervously waiting at the door for your ride to the local Keg. But I guess considering the following, my perfect date came out of left field.

I met James on June 13th 2009 at 3(ish) in the morning, walking aimlessly around Oshawa, lost… Hoping I didn’t get violated by any crack heads… Considering Oshawa is the armpit of Ontario. How I remember this? I got ditched by my then boyfriend (whom only lasted about a month) for my other friend’s birthday party. I was totally invited, but the guy dipped to Whitby. and then his “phone died” so he couldnt “reach me” to inform me he would not be returning until 5 or 6 am. which resulted in me being awake so freaking late.

I was on the phone with someone and I was yelling about how pissed off I was I couldnt find some d-bag who left his keys for his apartment with me, but failed to mention when they’d be back so I could ensure they could recieve their keys and get inside of their apartment… As I did not want to be responsible for them having to spend the night on the street. Unfortunately this was my “at the time” sort of boyfriend. He was… interesting. So James decided to make the night interesting by yelling across the street at me… It went like this:

“HEY RANDO!” yelled james

“WHAT UP BUDDY!? Im pissed off… and im lost, do you know where the hell i am? Im going to walk on your side of the road, it seems safer.” said I

“im pissed and i dont really know where im going either” he replied

“its ok we can just be pissed off together, want to go get tim hortons and wander the streets of oshawa all night until we find our destined paths”

“Yep. I want an iced cap” James replied

WELL. As awkward as this was, we walked until we saw the red cursive.

Timmy Ho’s! We now call that Tim Hortons “Our Tim Horton’s” when we go for coffee and tea at night. Unfortunately, James did not receive an iced cap as the machine was broken. He got a chocolate milk, and I bought like 12 cookies. I shared them with him, and we bonded over the white chocolate macadamia nut and caramel chocolate pecan goodness.

Yes, I was on my offseason.

Yes, I was a whale.

And so we eventually found our way after getting to know almost every random fact about eachother. Yeah we might have been a little off-key that night, but I definitely wasn’t going to walk away without keeping this guy as my friend. I ran off to go and give these keys back to this one month stand boyfriend, but i stopped in the middle of the run, turned around… and said …


Although I knew James’ phone had been stolen by his then psycho ex girlfriend, I told him i’d text him in a week or two so we could hang out again or just be facebook friends, because that was also cool to do in 2009. And then the night was over, after I got a  friendly hug from James, the mystery man of the early morning night.

While this may not be quite a date, I do believe this was our blind ice breaking moment of truth, and we realized that there was someone just as weird, awkward, goofy and completely random as ourselves out there in this world of “fate” or whatever it is.

We had a lot of firsts after that. Our first drunken text off trying to find eachother but never doing that, our first msn chat, our first mutual facebook creep… first ditch of plans (sorry James.. i know you really wanted ice cream when you were broken), and first commit to hang out.. Finally!

August was a good month.

Then I turned 18 in September, and became legal enough to sleep over at James’ place at the time(yeah, his friend Matt’s mom was actually psychotic about “minors” and apparently since I was one she did not condone having me in their house overnight, until of course she found out it was my birthday and I was indeed 18!) Happy Birthday to me!

Here’s the first picture ever taken of us. Just saying, the level of awesomeness is like level 100. N00Bs, pwned.

Oh and James said his first “i love you” to me in september. I left him hanging until the end of october, where he stressed to me he had completely fallen in love with me and had no idea if i had any remote feeling towards him. I proceeded to tell james that i was in love with him, also. And then we walked for an hour, in the pouring rain, once again this was the middle of the night at about 3am, only this time in montreal. We were on a mission for my cashews, my 3am cashews!

And my perfect first date, it would be just that. Unexpected. Random. Unstructured. Awesome.

James McKean, you are the man!

James, aka "the man"