I owe you one…

I owe you some 411 on my challenge... I figure I'll enlighten you with this next one, since I just came back from the show covered in oompa loompa colouring. Day 11 – What’s in your makeup bag? clearly you can see James is wearing a beard... but the most stand out thing here I'd... Continue Reading →

second the BEST

So this past weekend i competed at the Sudbury Ontario Championships! I got all tanned up in my shoes and suit and got ready to hit the stage on Saturday morning! And guess what?!? I came second!!! So here I am working my way for the last 2 days of training for the Toronto Pro... Continue Reading →


So today we've reached the "shave body ya damn samsquanch" day. I'd like to start by saying its extremely strange, You would never think theres hair on your elbow, but indeed... It's there. Recumbent bike, 30 minutes. Check. Aside from that, I woke up to the most amazing experience of my life... My morning carb!... Continue Reading →


Well lucky for me my mood has slightly changed and im less insanely outraged by being low-carbed and blah. Im less outraged, and more blunt. Euphemism? Whats that? Oh your goldfish is unwell, no it didn't its probably about to shit the bed! Oh you want to talk to me while im working out "... Continue Reading →

Speaking Of Weddings…

Day 7 – Your dream wedding. If im anything like my mom, I've got my wedding all planned out in this little book where you can schedule and arrange everything you need to, theres already charts good to go, all you need is to have a ring on your finger that says your engaged. If... Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge

Day 1 — Your favorite song Day 2 — Your favorite movie Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date. Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend. Day 5 – How important you think education is? FIrst we'll start with my fav pic of my bestie. And further more establishing... Continue Reading →


So I managed to make some sense of my day. I made some brain fart action happen to the max. Here's the daily challenge for Fab Friday Day 1 — Your favorite song Day 2 — Your favorite movie Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date. My perfect first date... Hmm. Well... Continue Reading →

Heck Yeah Cycle Fit!

So I started the day off with a jingle... Today i'm working all day at the YMCA. 'Gonna work people out and then get paid. Yeah, Im teaching cyclefit today too, so I get to pick out some ear bleeding music that the gym members enjoy listening to. Lucky for me this counts as one... Continue Reading →

Day 1 of the Challenge

My favourite song... Wow, what a tough question. My favourite song... of all the many I spend time and time again listening to... haha I guess depending on my mood they can vary indefinitely. However lately playing time and tiem again in my head is the song From the Outside by All That Remains. This... Continue Reading →

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