I know my blogs have all been about fitness lately, and I haven't been doing anything overly fun and exciting... HOWEVER - the other day James and I DID go trailing and it was a hella good time. He's missing his sidekick, and I'm missing my sidekick so we're equally ready to cut down the... Continue Reading →

Single Digits

Its down to 9 days from the Toronto Pro. I am stoked. I made a few predictions on on what I think about the show and how the ladies are going to pan out in the pro ranks, as well as for May 25th New York Pro. I feel so un-Canadian saying this, but... Continue Reading →

Rippin big dirty’s

So as I reflect on yesterday's post.... I realize none of it made sense as I was all over the map. Oh well. At least it turned out to be a wicked day! Got to down some coffee and get crazy buck wild, a decaf from Kimbo and the most amazing Iced Americano from Second... Continue Reading →

Getting down to the Cellular Level

So i've had a lot of time to research lately, as my offseason programs are usually generated in cycles of trial and error with different approaches. If you recall, these are the goals i set for myself this offseason: Build mass on my upper body Keep my conditioning in check Bring down my legs achieve... Continue Reading →

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