Suppose you might wanna know

Well I guess I kind of blew away in the wind after the Ontarios and I turned into a ghost....... Aside from my little facebook rants and twitter one liners that had me off my rocker... I cant fight the passion!! Well - for those who are unaware, I did not place top 5 so... Continue Reading →


I know my blogs have all been about fitness lately, and I haven't been doing anything overly fun and exciting... HOWEVER - the other day James and I DID go trailing and it was a hella good time. He's missing his sidekick, and I'm missing my sidekick so we're equally ready to cut down the... Continue Reading →

Single Digits

Its down to 9 days from the Toronto Pro. I am stoked. I made a few predictions on on what I think about the show and how the ladies are going to pan out in the pro ranks, as well as for May 25th New York Pro. I feel so un-Canadian saying this, but... Continue Reading →

Getting down to the Cellular Level

So i've had a lot of time to research lately, as my offseason programs are usually generated in cycles of trial and error with different approaches. If you recall, these are the goals i set for myself this offseason: Build mass on my upper body Keep my conditioning in check Bring down my legs achieve... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Clean eating for the Family

It's probably hard to eat with your whole family when you're on a restricted diet. Why not try to spice up their lives for dinnre, but keep your diet clean in the meantime? Quick Switches for great taste and a smaller waistline: Ingredient: Corn Flakes and Breadcrumbs Substitute With: Oatmeal and Flaxseed Tuna Salad With... Continue Reading →

Little people in the cupboard

So I figured i'd let you know what happened this weekend to the likes of James and I... Well we watched his old neighbours house burn to the ground. that was nuts, and also fishy.... Anyways i feel sorry for the family, and i feel equally as sorry for the son of the guy who... Continue Reading →

Wisdom Wednesday’s

So I was sitting at work plugging away, my stomach was grumbling a bit and I noticed that it was still too early to eat my next meal. Instead of staring at the clock and waiting as the minutes count down, I continued to work, and sipped on my berry flavoured crystal light. About a... Continue Reading →

So i’m qualified for Nationals…

Yeah, check it! I qualified ­čÖé ! Unbelievable!! Here's the top 5 lineup... and my flirty on stage ways ... totally counter opposite of my normal self.. So although I'd love to tell you im in prep for nationals 2011, i decided im going to take a much needed year to pack on some beef... Continue Reading →

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