The Mental

So i've always considered myself a hard ass. Someone who can just block out any bullshit and muscle through the rough. Well, this year my mental game has been soft. I'm going to open a whole new can of worms for you because i'm not ashamed. Well, those of you who know me well know... Continue Reading →

Suppose you might wanna know

Well I guess I kind of blew away in the wind after the Ontarios and I turned into a ghost....... Aside from my little facebook rants and twitter one liners that had me off my rocker... I cant fight the passion!! Well - for those who are unaware, I did not place top 5 so... Continue Reading →


I know my blogs have all been about fitness lately, and I haven't been doing anything overly fun and exciting... HOWEVER - the other day James and I DID go trailing and it was a hella good time. He's missing his sidekick, and I'm missing my sidekick so we're equally ready to cut down the... Continue Reading →

Single Digits

Its down to 9 days from the Toronto Pro. I am stoked. I made a few predictions on on what I think about the show and how the ladies are going to pan out in the pro ranks, as well as for May 25th New York Pro. I feel so un-Canadian saying this, but... Continue Reading →

Rippin big dirty’s

So as I reflect on yesterday's post.... I realize none of it made sense as I was all over the map. Oh well. At least it turned out to be a wicked day! Got to down some coffee and get crazy buck wild, a decaf from Kimbo and the most amazing Iced Americano from Second... Continue Reading →

Aint Nothin To It

So as the weeks fly by and apparently there are only 2.5 weeks to go until Provincials, I can't help but stop and think about how crazy this ride has been. I've met so many great people over the past few weeks alone that I can't even begin to tell you how much more motivating... Continue Reading →

Welcome Fall!

Well, we're off to the races with all of these crazy leaves going wild and falling. and spinning out of control and piling up high on peoples lawns and getting so thick its like a fog while driving because SO MANY LEAVES ARE FALLING! It's not really like a hurricane but its fall, and its... Continue Reading →

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