Toronto Pro Supershow

Well it’s that time of year again… Hope to see lots of friendly faces next weekend at the Toronto Pro Supershow.


Good luck to everyone in the OPA who’s duking it out for a placing that takes them to Nationals. Its one hell of an experience!

The IFBB Pro Show is going to be nuts, waiting (impatiently) for the competitors list to come out. It’s really amazing to see the level of conditioning some of these men and women can get to.

This year, these are some of the events that will be taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Main event: IFBB* Professional Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique competitions

  • Inside Fitness Model Searches
  • Sweat for Kids Toronto Fitness Challenge
  • RushClub Crossfit
  • Open Armwrestling Tournament
  • Strongman Challenge
  • OWA* Toronto Weightlifting Championships
  • OPA* Toronto Powerlifting Championships
  • Boxing Tournament sanctioned by Boxing Ontario
  • CASK* Kickboxing Tournament
  • OPA* Provincial Bodybuilidng, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique Championships
  • CPW Professional Wrestling
  • Health and Fitness Expo
  • Seminars and Sessions by leading Fitness Industry Experts
  • and more to be confirmed.

Fouad Abiad Classic 2015

Another top 5 finish on the books!  Sandy-opa2

4th place Figure Medium Tall for Sandy !! Not satisfied yet though. We are going to work on bringing her in pretty hard for the next upcoming show. This is where that mental game comes in and you just get used to being a little uncomfortable.

3 weeks to go!

Get Your Head in the Game


I know that as athletes we all constantly want more. We want to be more successful, we want to be better at a certain skill… but we don’t know how to approach our mental game. Self defeat is one of the most common things that affects teams, individual athletes and people in general. If you truly believe you cant, then you wont. But if you change the way you think, you’ll be surprised what you can pull out of your hat.

Lets start with identifying some core beliefs:
You are a great athlete
You are strong
You have what it takes to be a champion

Instill that into your brain, and then we get a little deeper.

Be productive when expending mental energy.
Prepare for the forecast. Do not worry about the forecast.
-ie weekends, if you’re doing something you need to prepare for it
-save your energy for solving problems and working on goals rather than stressing

Use productive thoughts
Think about training as becoming better in the area of practice rather than another thing on your agenda
Be aware of your thinking and do not build negative outlooks on yourself
-I can’t, I’m tiredbullshit. Change the tone. Now you can say “ I will, and I’ll do it faster than the last time

Get comfortable being uncomfortable
Accept your feelings and don’t let them control your mind
Sometimes you have to take charge and do something different than what you believe. Trust the plan.
Be the person you want to become, don’t wish to be them.

Take note how far you’ve come.
Look at the journey so far rather than the journey left to go. Move forward with force and improve on your improvements

Start acting like you deserve to be on the top of the podium, put your mental game on the forefront of your agenda. If you’re facing resistance from your self, make sure you have someone in your corner who is going to keep you up when you feel like you’re headed down.

Beaner OUT!

Empty Your Cup

I once heard this story from Martin Rooney, telling the Zen Story “A Cup of Tea”

A Cup of Tea
Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen.
Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor’s cup full, and then kept on pouring.
The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. “It is overfull. No more will go in!”
“Like this cup,” Nan-in said, “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”


In this day and age, we all believe what we want to a certain degree. If you do not allow yourself to open your mind to a new idea or way of practice, we cannot welcome new practice into our lives, in turn, standing still while technology advances, tried and true methods are explained in new light, and arrogance floods our mind, whether intentional or not.

In my profession, it is important to know your stuff. Likewise, important to learn new things, or old things. I consider myself a student 90% of the time through life. Although yes, I know a lot about some things, I am constantly learning about how different bodies work, how my own students interact with me and how to build a personal relationship with each of them.

So I challenge you, empty your cup. Open your mind, welcome new people and new ideas. Evolve in this technological era rather than stand still.


Beaner out!


Cobourg Naturals 2015

So I’ve sent off a few athletes to the stage! It’s been a peach getting to know these girls and how their bodies work.mightybeanzgirls3

Terri-Ann – from overworking and under-eating we took this girl and showed her peanut butter is OK, ALL OF THE TIME, two a days are not necessary when you’re a bikini athlete, and sometimes you get a little confused on peak week cuz you try starting your car with your hairbrush (I wish this actually happened, lol) What a workhorse though, so proud of your accomplishments in our short time together so far and look forward to the future!

Congrats on your 3rd place finish!!terri-ann terri-2

Jenny – trusted me to do a 180 with her previous methods. There is no questioning the work ethic in this little rocket. She makes it look easy and has never complained to me once. What a gem! Even more blessed to get to work with her at the Conditioning Club to bring up some weak points for next year. Going to be a breeze!!!!

Congrats on your 4th place Finish Jen!jennyb4th

Danielle – what can I not say about you. Your personality is infectious. You are the most positive person even in the worst of times. Coming from a huge weightloss, I have to say you exceeded my expectations in your athleticism. It’s unreal the amount you’ve grown as an athlete. You don’t “exercise” – you TRAIN! It’s been a pleasure, and I’m so proud you took the top 5 at your very first show! I will never forget the time you broke into tears when I told you that you were in the first callout – “no i’m not”….. Yep, you are!!

Congrats kiddo, so well deserved!danielle5th danielle5th2


Owning Your Own Journey

Today we’re going to get a little deep… I’m sorry if this applies to anyone reading but hopefully it will help you move in the right direction rather than in the trending direction.


Well it’s pretty obvious we all want to be a part of the fitness movement. Everyone would love to be healthy and hell, I don’t blame them. I like being able to look at myself and like what I see. Obviously I’m critical in my own regard based on personal goals, but overall i’m looking at myself thinking that I love the life I live, and that’s all I need to continue my journey.
WELL…… here we go.

1) If you would like to live a better life/compete/work towards a better YOU, then do so because you WANT to.
2) If you HATE working out, HATE cardio… maybe find either another sport you like or something that is actually enjoyable. Remember you’re looking to be successful in your own journey, everyone’s is different.
3) When you contact someone to coach you, if you have received your plan immediately without any background asked on your behalf, it’s likely not geared towards you as an individual
4) With the above mentioned, expect your coach to take a little while to get back to you. But don’t worry… They aren’t standing you up, they’re actually putting effort into the overall plan.
5) When you get up to go to the gym, unless you’re like WOW i’m sore… don’t complain about having to get up and do the work. You wanted this…right?
6) Please do not expect just because you show up in the flesh that you will yield maximum results. You may be present, but your work ethic may be completely absent.
7) If your average time to train is once a week, 30 minutes, expect your results to take some time, especially if you are paying little to no attention to your diet.
8) If you are looking for an end goal in the foreseeable future, ask yourself if you are doing what it will take to get there?
9) if you are looking at a long term goal, ask yourself, is that long term goal worth my effort? If it is, be strong and be proud of the journey you’ve decided to travel
10) Be aware that sometimes with nutrition, you will have to stop ordering the worst thing on the menu when you’re out to lunch.
11) There is always a better alternative than what you think you’re stuck with.
12) plan ahead… this is how we avoid having to scrounge around for an alternative that may leave to a poor choice (see above)
13) Live YOUR life, follow YOUR path. You don’t get an award for how much you tried to be like someone else.
14) Stop trying to prove something. You might be eating out of your tupperware in front of everyone, but what you eat in secret you wear in public.


Put your heart into it. Achieve something great. Recognize your something might not be competing, training, dieting… But it might be rollerblading, soccer, running… As long as you find YOUR something, not someone else’s.





Hey Ladies! I know y’all aren’t looking to grow a mustache anytime soon so how about we try another challenge?

I’ll be doing this myself.

I challenge you to pick 3 days a week where you’ll get up and MOVE for 10 minutes.

Ride your bike, walk to the store, if you’re in the gym, do 10 minutes of cardio, with all of that extra energy – positive or negative, and let it out on that 10 minutes.

Here’s the catch:

No Negative thinking

You MUST pick 3 things you will accomplish today on top of your movement, while you’re moving.
You MUST identify 3 positive things about yourself while you’re moving.

What the mind believes, the body achieves.


Let’s see how much you can change the way you view yourself this month by doing these two simple things 3 times a week for 10 minutes only. There’s 26 days left, so make the most of it!

I’ll be posting before and afters this month of my own personal accomplishments for move-vember.

10 minutes a day for 3 days, 30 minutes a week.

Here we go!!!!